17 | Productivity Planning BUNDLE! How Time Blocking and Non-negotiable list marry together for SUCCESS?!


Have you absorbed the Time Blocking system of episode 15? or the Non-Negotiable list of Episode 16? 

If so, it's the perfect time to build your productivity planning on these two concepts. Rest assured that you would reap the benefits of this system both in the short and long term.

You can also reach out to MamaNest Website and register to the workshop that is designed to teach you all of the details about this system.


This is Mama Nest and you're listeningto episode number seventeen. In this episode, we're going to wrap up the topicof Productivity Planning System. It was a series that you've started with timelooking and then continue that with nonnegotiable, this derivation, and today we're goingto conclude that with a neat version of planning system and time management system thatis tailor made for our mom life. So make sure not to miss thisepisode, because it is miraculously helpful for our easy mom life. So,without further ado, let's dive into today's stock. Be The best version ofyourself, Mamma. I'm master, is a, and welcome to Mam anistand nest for mother MOMS were eager to achieve a simpler, more intentional life. In this podcast, you're going to rewrite the screen and reinvent the cultureof Motherhood Together. Remember, becoming a mother is the beginning of our prosperity, not forgetting our souls. A fulfilled, healthy, confident and productive mom isall we need to be to guarantee our families future. I'm an emissionto make you feel empowered and less overwhelmed. We'll focus on productivity, parenting,mindfulness, mini moolisa, sustainable lifestyle, financial awareness, besides family wellness.I'm your to help you brought a new horizon and gain clarity and showingup as your best mamaself. So let's build you out today. Let's diveinto it. Who we have officially rounded up this series of activity binning systemand over going to just summarize what we have to what we have learned abouttime blocking and nonnegotiable list, and today we're going to marry these two beautifulpieces together and derive a really neat version of productivity planning system which is so, so flexible and applicable for our mom life, for anyone's busy life,you know, anyone who's a struggling and joggling all of the rules at once. So for today, I don't know it's there any need to just reiteratewhat is timelocking and what is notnnegotiable list. I do recommend you to go andlisten to episodes number fifteen and sixteen, because we are reach to customized versionof time blocking system. And then we have talked about that definition ofnonnegotiable list of actions and the necessity of that and the importance of having thislist of actions and committing to just take those actions on a weekly basis.And so, based on those two beautiful pieces, I mean time blocking andthen nonnegotiable list of actions, we want to plan for our week based onthose. So what should we do on a weekly basis whenever we want toplan our days and our week? You know now that we defined what isa time block and what are the time blocks that are applicable for a momlife, which were, I mean, five time blocks of morning block,set of Black Work Block, family block and then nighttime block. So howwe want to use them in action, that we want to put them inpractice in order to plan our days and our week. So the first stepis to have a piece of paper in front of you and for the followingweek that you want to plan for,...

...first of all, define any timestamp kind of event that you would have in the following week, for example, something like a doctor appointment, which is going to happen on a specifickind of time time period, or maybe a meeting that you would have inthe following week. Anything. Just write them down on your piece of paper. It is ideally better to have a paper planner which has a weekly layout. But if you do not have on your piece of Pavor, just justpaint a kind of table that every day of the week as a column inthat table, exactly define what are the kind of events or appointments that aretime stamped and predefined for you. So map them out in your table.And so now that you know what is exactly going on, you have abird's eye view of the following week based on that and based on the definitionof each of the time blocks that I've talked about that before with you.In episode number sit number fifteen was about time blocking. I told you thatwe can have a five time blocks each day of our life. Those timeblocks were warning block, set up block, worth block, family block, atnighttime block. Just pay attention and be so attentive about the exact definitionof each of the time blocks. You know, for example, morning blockwas a time of the day, at the beginning of the day, thatyou just focus on yourself, you do something for yourself like meditation or journalingor things like that. You may put just five minutes a day for yourmorning block, but you should have that in order to just pour into yourself, to be able to pour into other a use of your life, andalso the night time block was also a time without kids, a time thatyou could concentrate on your relationship with your husband, or you could riffs,you could have a reflection session with yourself about the day that I've passed oranything. It was just also another time, another sacred time of the day thatyou could pour into yourself and you could unwind and relax before the day. And the other blocks of time, like work block, instead of block, and Family Block, all of them had special definitions and the focus andthe aim was to be present in each block of time that we were in. For example, if we define a time of block for a work block, we wanted to be present at that work block and just focus on ourcareer tasks or things like that. So we do not put a work blocktime in the middle of a family block time, the time that all ofthe family members are around and are at home, and we do not haveany kind of concentrated time for our work and we do not want to bealways busy working and also busy engaging with the family members and doing neither ofthem. You know, it is not really the correct like approach. So, based on that exact definition, we want to define the time blocks sincerelyand, you know, logically do that. For example, if on Monday,you cannot find any time in order to focus on your work, soyou cannot have any kind of work block time. So you would put iton another day or you would reschedule, or you think of any kind ofbabysitter for your kids in order to just...

...take care of them, and youcan have any kind of word block time. So, based on your schedule,based on the feasibility of the plan, you map your day based on thetime blocks and whenever you think ahead about that time of the day whichis going to happen, for example, the next day or the next days, whenever you reach to that time you know your brain is prepared, ahundred percent prepared for that sort of actions. For example, if you reach toa time block which is family block, your brain knows that you cannot doany kind of work related tasks or any kind of house related tasks.You just need to be present with your family. You just need to haveone on one time with your kids or your husband or stuff like that,and it's a kind of relief. You know. It's so all being formyself, for for me personally. You know, whenever I know that thetime ahead is my family black time, so I do not think ever aboutthe work related tasks and when, for example, it is done, I'mgoing to go to the work black time and then at that time I'm justgoing to focus on my works and not ever care about my kids or stuff. So it is a kind of isolation on each block of time that yourmind just knows that in this block of time should focus on these sort ofactions. So in the first step you have blocked your time based on thedefinition of time blocks and also based on the visibility of those, I meansort of actions to be placed on that time. So, based on theschedule that you have, in the next step, I want you to putyour nonnegotiables first in the planning. And why do I mean by that?I mean that the list of actions that you have identified and you have derivedto based on the word needs that you need to do. I mean youneed to take these actions in order to feel whole, in order to feelfulfilled in all of the areas of your life. And I've talked about reachingto this list of actions, which are called nonnegotiable, because we cannot neglectdoing them, because those actions are so vital in order to make us feelas a whole person, make us feel fulfilled in all of the areas ofour life, because we need to feel fulfilled and we need to feel happyin order to pour in our in all of the other areas of our life. And this is the really important difference between this system of productivity planning andthe other systems out there. Because, you know, thinking of planning forthe week without considering the circumstances of our life is really kind of nonpractical wayof approaching towards planning our days and weeks, especially for our for our mom life, as I've emphasized that, I think enough. So, for example, we have a list of ten actions that we think that we need totake, these actions on a weekly basis in order to feel good in allthe areas of our life. Take, for example. One of them ishaving one on one time with my kid every day for thirty minutes. SoI want you to define that and to just, I don't know, emphasizeit in your paper planner or whatever that you have, that you're going toplan based on that, that, even this time of the day, onSaturday I'm going to have this oneon one...

...time with my kids on Sunday,in this time, on Monday and every day of the week. If youplanned out and if you think that, you believe in that, you needto have one on one time each day with your kids. So plan itout and just put it in your paper planner, put it in your planningsand first before just planning for any other tasks, because these kind of nonnegotiableactions are the ones that make us feel fulfilled and make us feel happy aboutour relationships, about our family, about everything in our life. After thatthat we have defined all of them. For example, one of them iswork out, having worked out three times a week. So just exactly definethat in your paper planner that, for example, on Monday, Wednesday andFriday, you're going to have a workout station on this time of the day, exactly on this time of the day. So after you're done with this steptoo, now you're going to go to the list of the two doosthat you have that you want to plan for for the following week. Maybeyou have a house to do list, maybe you have a work to dothis, maybe you have both of them and you want to plan them forthe week now, based on the time bloods that you have mapped out andbased on the nonnegotiable list of actions that you have defined, so you cando the other tasks. You know the other task that you have and youwant to plan now, after considering all of those steps and based on theremaining time of the week, just plan them out. We might have heardjust the the flip side of this system, that, for example, you havea list of actions and then you go and plan them out and then, based on the remained time of the day, you can plan for yourfamily, you can plan for for any other rules that you have as amom or as a wife or things like that. But I am here totell you that this is not applicable for our mom life because, as amother, our first and foremost priority is is definitely motherhood, and also ourrelationship with our husband is so important and the systems that we have at homeare so important. So we need to consider all of those areas in ourlife and define the most important and most effective actions that make us feel wholein all of those areas about life and then put them in practice in ourplans and after that we can plan other tasks that are work way related orhouse related or the ones that are really not of a vital importance because thoseactions. For example, consider a task that you want to do related toyour business. You know, is that that important to just neglect your motherhoodrole, neglect your role as a wife, neglect your house or anything or anyarea of your life, neglect your health, and then go and dothat business related task? You know, this is the question that we haveto ask from ourselves every time that you're going to going to plan. Soif you have a reach to a planning system, which you think it isso ideal and it is so beautiful, but whenever you're embark on the journeyof planning your week or month or day based on those systems, you failand fail and fail, because those systems are not really tailor made for ourmom life, especially for our mom life.

So in this third step, Iwant you to go over your list of actions that you want to planfor the following week. Whether you're keeping them on a shit of paper oryou have being kind of task manager for your soul or project manager for yourself, it doesn't differ. I want you to go over that and prioritize yourtasks. It is really important to prioritize our tasks and do them based onthe price ority of them. So, after prioritizing them, I want youto put a timing on each of the tasks. I know that it mightnot be that exact, but just think about the time of each task.Would really give you a kind of general view of what is it about thethe the kind of tasks or the number of tasks that you can just doin this week, and it really gives you a kind of realistic tool forplanning your beak. Whenever you're not thinking about the timing of each of thetask and you're just putting a list of the tasks on your plan for theweek and you go through the week and you just can do, for example, two of those tasks, you really feel on fulfilled. You really feelthat it was a failure. And if you could just knew that in advance, whatever, for example, you were, you're planning your week, which youcould understand that this action or this a task cannot be done this week, that, for example, I have maybe ten hours of work block time, just so be realistic about the time that it takes for all of thetasks that you've written in your list, and in this way you're so muchmore prepared for completing your tasks because your brain is ready. You know thatthis task is going to take you this much time, and maybe you havemore efficiency whatever you're doing that task and, most importantly, as you're more realisticallyapproaching towards your task, so you would have a logical expectation from yourselfto complete the tasks and things like that. After this step, I want youto place the timed tasks to different blocks of time that you have definedbefore. For example, you have timed the tasks related to your work andyou know that, for example, in this week, you have four prioritizedtasks that in general, it takes, for example, sixteen hours for themto be completed, and you only have ten hours this week in order tojust focus on your work. So you, based on the priority, you putthe tasks in the time blocks, and so exactly. You know thaton Monday that you have just one hour for your work block. You wantto focus on this specific task which is prioritize, which is of a highpriority and high importance for you, and it is aligned with your your goalsand your line term goals and your short term goes. And what is it? Better than that? You know this much clarity, this much clarification inyour planning. It is so, so desperately needing for these days of ourmom life, because we, as a mom, have a restricted amount oftime and we need to strategically and wisely manage our time for the most prioritizedtask and the most effective tasks. And...

...this is the system that can helpus to achieve that kind of productivity that we want always, we want tohave. So in the next step, which is the last one, Iwant you to audit your productivity planning system at the end of the week.Each week, I want to reflect on your performance throughout the week based onthe plans that you have, I mean written in your paper planner. Youhave mapped out your week and your time blocks and your non negotiable list ofactions and then, on top of them, your to do list. You havejust plan them throughout the week and now, at the end of theweek, just reflect on those, I mean plannings that you have had andjust see that how approachable and how, you know, straightforward word, wasyour planning for the week, and learn from your mistakes for the next week. And you know it is a kind of developmental process that it is soenjoyable every week, if you just embark on this journey of productivity enhancement andself development, it is so enjoyable and, most importantly, whenever you know thatyou have considered your motherhood rule and you kept the Motherhood Roll at thefirst priority in your life, it really gives you a sense of satisfactor youknow, nothing is better than that. And besides that, you have beenable to just accomplish lots of your tasks and with lots of your to dolist because you now have higher productivity level. You now have a piece of mindbecause you're considering all of the areas of your life, in contrast tothe other systems of planning out there that just focus on one area of yourlife, which is, for example, your work. But you know thatis not the approach that we want to have, especially after becoming a mom. So this was it. The planning system, productivity planning system that isa hundred percent guaranteed can help you boost your productivity and help you have amore joy full motherhood journey, and I have implemented that for around two yearsnow in my life and I can surely tell you that it is a miraculouslyhelpful for my life, so it can be the same for you. Ihope that it would help you to just transform from this culture of burned outmotherhood to a culture of peaceful and enjoying, enjoyful motherhood, which I think itis achievable. You know, it is achievable with time management skills,with lots of other skills that we need, desperately need to acquire. So thiswas one of those systems. Okay, if you have any question about anyof the systems that I have proposed in episode five hundred and sixteen andSeventeen, I would be more than happy to help you. Reach at meon my instagram account, Mama and nest official, or any of the othersocial media platforms out there, or email me any way that you like.I would be more than happy to help you. And I have a goodnews for you. We will have a workshop on this productivity planning system.All you need to do is to register for this workshop in advance because it'sgoing to be a really practical one that I'm going to a good cover allof the steps that I've proposed in these...

...three episodes in action, and I'mgoing to tell you exactly what you should do on a shad of paper,and it's going to be so practical. Is completely free. So all youneed to do is to register. Go through the mamast website and register inthat website. We're gonna announce you the timing of that workshop and I'm goingto be a hundred percent sure that you have absorbed this planning system, becauseI believe it would help you in ton of ways. Okay, like always, are really really enjoying hanging out with you guys, and we shoot thebest. Goodbye for now. Thanks for listening to the Mama is podcast.If you enjoyed today's episode, please subscribe. That way you'll receive fresh episodes everyweek. Did you know that together we can change the forgotten culture ofcaring and sharing and proof that we care for each other and ourselves? Justyou need to head over to Itunes, subscribe and then leave a positive reviewso that many more women can benefit. The second way is to take ascreenshot of this very episode, tag me at Mama's official and go share itin your instagram stories. I truly look forward to connecting with you, sostay tuned.

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