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Let me introduce you to your best self mom! She is sitting at a table with you now...exactly in front of you... staring at you... and you're gonna have a cup of tea together... and chat with her, to recognize her, interpret her... when you don't know who you wanna become to? And Who is your future best self?... then, how can you turn into her? In fact, we want to set a vision for our life and this is the first step of a 6-step system that aims to practically row us towards our best self. And at the end, we learn to write a letter to our future self as the second step of this system to keep reminding ourselves of our vision and goals along the way. Stay tuned because we'll unbox the rest steps in next week's episode! Be the best version of yourself, mama! The best is yet to come! How can you connect with me! MamaNest website -> www.mamanestco.com connect on Instagram @mamanestofficial

...200:00:04.680 --> 00:00:10.580Be the best version of yourself mama,I am Mahsa Rezaei and welcome to MamaNest. A Nest for modern moms who are eager toachieve a simpler, more intentional life. in this podcast, We're going torewrite the script and reinvent the culture of motherhood together, remember becoming a mother is thebeginning of our prosperity, not forgetting ourselves, A fulfilled, healthy, confident andproductive mom is all we need to be to guarantee our family's future. I am on a mission to make you feelempowered and less overwhelmed, we'll focus on productivity, parenting, mindfulness, minimalism, environmental and economicconsciousness, Besides family wellness, I am here to help you broaden yourhorizon and gain clarity on showing up as your best Mama Self. So, let's buildyou up today, let's dive into it Hello and welcome to episode two mamas.Well after publishing the very first episode last week, I received a lot ofencouraging and kind comments that made me even more determined to continue.I'm so excited for each and every episode of this podcast, and you can't imaginehow many topics are there, In my mind map for a MamaNest academy, waitingto be heard by you moms. I just couldn't pick one for thisepisode and I thought a lot of them are worth speaking up early in this podcast,but eventually I could settle on and control my enthusiasm, and I bet Ipicked out a winner. Basically, I categorized all of theknowledge and wisdom that it want to share with you into seven groups thatare core values in MamaNest and, in my point of view our success pillars, toestablish a well structured, contemporary motherhood toolkit forcreating a pleasant and an gratified life experience, The seven legs that are mentioned inthe podcast intro. I mean productivity, parenting, familywellness, minimalism, Mindfulness, environmental awareness and financialconsciousness, and this week's topic is a foundation for all of these pillars,with a focus on mindfulness. The early stage phase that is almost alwaysoverlooked in our lives. I mean our vision, our perspective. And wait a minute. Did I mention thatit's a complimentary topic for my...

...introduction episode? because when Idefine my mission as "to help you be your best self", then a question might pop up that So,who is this best self? Have we specified her framework? Now, Let me introduce you to your best selfmom She's sitting at a table with you now. exactly in front of you Staring at you and you're going tohave a cup of tea together and chat with her to recognize her, interpret her. Because when you don't know who youwant to become to, who is your best self? What are her traits? What are herperspectives in life? Then, How can you turn into her? How can you be her? After this lengthy preface, Let meclarify that we're going to characterize our best selves. In fact, we'regoing to determine all our dreams, because our dreams portray our futureselves, it's powerful to gain clarity in our dreams and goals. Writing them down is the first step toget our dreams power. setting a vision for our life createsthe energy and will to make change happen. It inspires us to persist, to becommitted to our ideal future self and to give our best. And in next week's episode, we're going toset a personal growth plan towards achieving our dreams, towards convertingto our ultimate best self. With the help of the Vision we arrive at the endof this episode, because we don't want this dreamplanning time be a waste of time, we need actionable steps that are alignedwith our big picture and life. Basically, this whole process ofputting down my goals, planning and tracking to gain them and keeping thejournal, is so appealing to me. unbelievably gives me a sense of reliefand Calms Down my Occupied Mind. Journal writing, planning and goalsetting is truly my character flow.

You can call me "planning queen" by theway, because I did it throughout my life and finally, by adopting apragmatic perspective, I set a simple six step system for me to drivepractical sages. That row me towards my best self definition, that are making mydreams come true, and I want to share it with you hear inthis episode and the one which is going to publish next week. So here we go mom, let's unbox thesystem. step one: "dream elicitation", step two:"writing a letter to our future best self", step three: "adopting a positivemindset", step four: "setting a personal growth plan", step five: "committing toour best future self" and step six: "tracking our progress." In the first step, we craft a bucketlist. I recommend a yearly version if you're just starting, it doesn'tmatter if today is not the first day of the week, month or year. We want toimagine ourselves one year from now. Remember you can always go back and addinto your bucket list. It's not a one and done thing, and it's actually greatto keep in mind to flip back to this list as your setting your monthly plans,and if you write it down and it doesn't happen, guess what? it's not afailure, because God's timeline differs from our time line and basically somedreams are truly out of control and it shouldn't stop us and one terminal point is that: "remember,you are allowed to dream Mama!" you have the permission to write downthe dreams that are in your heart and mind and your authorized to mess upyour paper. Oftentimes doubt kills out our dreamsbefore you even have the chance to speak them out. Before they have theopportunity to arrive on our paper. But No! don't let that happen. for me personally, I visualized and sawme recording this podcast some day. that time I was so skeptical. Am Iqualified to say all this stuff? but if God puts a dream in our heart,then he didn't mean to jest us. He did it so that we can see it accomplished. some of the times. God didn't pick youbecause you're super qualified, sometimes God chooses the opposite andthrough the testimony of watching you realize that dream, God is going toget the glory and it's important to give God the glory, and my number one tip on creating agreat dream list is asking wonderful...

...questions from yourself. In fact, the quality of our lives isdefined by the quality of questions we ask ourselves, you know enough about yourself, to havea pretty good idea of what it will take to live the life you desire. Your mind can quickly give you anaccurate image of a person you need to become to create the change you desire. All you need to do is... ASK. once you answer these questions you canbegin living as that person today, you don't have to wait. You can think, actand adopt the beliefs of your future self now, are you ready mom? open up your planner or simple notebook. pour a cup of tea, say hello to yourfuture best self on the other side of the table and be ready to have afriendly conversation with her. let's narrate her. Just take a deep breath, I'm going toread some questions out loud, and I want you to just put down the answers. In the midst of these questions, youmight need to pause the podcast and think more, that's okay feel free. I do encourage you to set some time forthat. Okay mom, say hello to your future best self andtell her how pleased you are to meet her. first of all ask her: What is herspiritual state? how good she feels in her relationshipwith God? how much reliance she gives from God? How pure she perceives her attachmentto God? and what are her values in life? Ask from your best self, What was themost honored accomplishment of her in the last year? The most important, vital, valuable, tell her to explain it to you now inquire about the moment, event ortotally an experience that sparks so much joy within. asked her What was thetime that she was laying in her bed and...

...she was so excited and couldn't sleepbecause something that makes her so happy was going to happen tomorrow. What was that? Now, ask her a unique memory she madewith her family last year. may be a pleasurable trip, a familyreunion, a sentimental experience of hugging andkissing her mother and father's hands. What? let's see how does your best self who issitting in front of you feel in her marriage. Tell her to give you exactqualities of her romantic life. How delightful were her one and one momentwith her partner? Ask her about her maternal mentality.How is her connection with her baby now? tell her to explain the positive bond shefostered with her kid. How enough she thinks is she for her child? request her to tell about her joyful,gentle motherhood journey. by the way, maybe she is now a motherto another baby, don't hesitate to ask. what is her ideal family structure? andperhaps what is the name of the new born baby If you're curious to know what did your best self do for her selfdevelopment last year? the book you read, the stuff shelearned, unique experiences She had. what? Ask her how productive she was and howbeautifully she could manage her time to be able to fulfill her calls insideand outside of motherhood? How great was she at balancing her work andfamily life? now pour another cup of tea for both ofyou and continue.

Let's see how energetic and healthy sheis. Maybe she changed her mindset aroundfood and diet or perhaps cultivated a regular exercise routine. Ask her to tell you about her sense ofphysical health. Ask Your future self to tell you abouther dream career, to define you the best things thathappened in her profession last year. How successful was she in her job? Let's see what financial goals yourbest self hit last year, that was so life changing and peaceful. Maybe she became debt free or she couldfinally learn how to budget shop and manage her finance. Perhaps she madesome amount of money and also saved some for rainy days, or she bought the house of her dreams. Ask her about her social life. Did she communicate with like mindedpeople around her? How was she enjoying her socialexistence? How fruitful were her social interactions? basically asked her to tell you abouther contributions to society and the way she was empathetic towards others. What are the activities, hobbies andgenerally self care things your future self did for herself, that made herfeel happier, healthier more precious and in general, made her feel satisfied, get some information and how aware andconscious was she about the environment last year. Ask her to describe herpositive behaviors in caring for the planet. Now it's your turn. Tell her about your dream that you gaveup. the dream that you gave up, but it's just there, hasn't gone away, keepspopping up. let's see if she pursued any of them and ask her how she feels.

...keep going Mama. tell her about yourfears. Tell her what goals would you have, ifyou know you wouldn't fail and describe your strong will to achieve them, and now, thank her for the mindful chatfor the time she devotes to you and say goodbye to her. Yes mom, we did it! Hopefully, youhave written at least one dream, and if you have written just that one, I'm soproud of you mamma, because the first step to reach your best self is definingit, and if you think you couldn't well define your dreams and goals by thesequestions, just go ahead with the other ones, because these were just mysuggestions. Now, let's go to the next step, step two,which is writing a letter to your future best self. But why should we write that? Well,when we're on the hamster wheels of motherhood such busy and hectic days, we justtend to shove our greatest ideas into the back of our minds, and then we getsurprised and frustrated when we realize we're not that person we oncethought we would be. Some of these dreams would have been the ones to takeus to the next level, but we made the choice to stay busy Instead. The greatest benefit of a letter tofuture self, is the opportunity to keep reminding yourself of your vision andgoals along the way. I want you to look at your responses right now. Put your eyes on your words, put yourhand on top of your dreams and let your pencil meets the paper and startwith Dear best self, Dear future me, Hi. How are you doing? although I'msure you're good. I see that you are a happy, confident and fulfilled mom.

I can feel how cheerful and pleasantyou are in your life now. and continue, mention all of the points you get fromyour conversation with her. Keep writing Mama, and tell your futureself that you know her perfectly and at the end, promise her that you will meether soon. You will be her! Wow, such an extraordinary experience. Wasn't that amazing? Let's all be thankful for the way Goddesigned us. so imaginative, so creative and so powerful to havesuch a phenomenal experience. Thank you, God. Okay, Mama, fine, we're done for today.I want you to take it seriously and do it for yourself. You never know its worthiness until youdo it and then apply it in the valuable path of self development. Keep your bucket list on the lettermama till next week, because we're going to use that to set our personalgrowth plan and illuminate our journey towards reaching our best selves. There are still four steps remained.Take these two steps till next week, and I hope this helps you in yourfuture endeavors. by for now. so stay tuned, because I'm bringingyour episodes once a week thanks for joining me today and by the way youcan find the show notes on www.mamanestco.com ,and don't forget tosubscribe to this podcast, so you can receive fresh episodes every week. I look forward to our next episode. Byfor now, .

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